Attorney Gupta has over 5+ years of experience working in the trial courts in Essex County. Whether you're facing a traffic ticket, charged with an O.U.I, or need to review your options in any other criminal matter - it's important to speak to an attorney right away. The phone call is free. 

Speak directly to Attorney Gupta about the facts of your case. Available by phone call or text on the weekends - day or night. 

Time is of the essence - do not waste it! Evidence may be lost if you do not act soon. If you have already been arraigned, Attorney Gupta can appear in Court on your behalf to obtain a Judge's order to preserve evidence.

Attorney Gupta will not waste time to start investigating immediately. Review your case at the office with Attorney Gupta, discuss your legal options and trial strategy. Mr. Gupta can personally go to the scene of your arrest and take pictures, hire an investigator to talk to witnesses.

"Being a good criminal defense lawyer means being accessible to, open and brutally honest with your clients. My clients know the consequences they are facing and they know their options. That I am more prepared than the prosecutor and am ready to fight on their behalf." - Attorney Brendan D. Gupta