O.U.I. Defense

Operating Under the Influence (O.U.I.) of Alcohol or Drugs in Massachusetts can have serious consequences for your criminal and driving records. Preserving your record and minimizing your exposure to the harmful consequences of a criminal O.U.I conviction is Attorney Gupta's top priority.

Attorney Gupta is passionate about O.U.I. defense!

"Every client is different and the facts of every O.U.I. case are different. Knowing the law is obviously important, but often times, the facts are what win O.U.I. cases. If you are my client I will insist on thorough in-person interview within days of your arrest. I will go to the scene of where you were stopped by the police."

"In my first O.U.I.-Drugs trial in the Lynn Juvenile Court, I was able to prove to a jury of six people that my client, who told her arresting officer she has "smoked a blunt an hour ago" was not driving under the influence of marijuana. The arresting officer was a Drug Recognition Expert (D.R.E.) but the jury didn't believe him - he was ill-prepared and I used his own training manual against him!"

"If you were arrested for O.U.I. call me today - let's talk about it." - Attorney Brendan D. Gupta